HL7 Uplink (for EMR Integrations)

The HL7 Uplink is designed to provide seamless integration between Tricefy and any EMR system. It can work as standalone Uplink or in combination with existing Uplinks. Tricefy staff will let you know if this Uplink is right for you.

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After downloading the software, a standard dialogue box may ask to make changes to your computer. Click Allow

Accept the standard license agreement and the wizard will guide you through the short installation process:

  • Select Browse to choose where to install the Uplink on your computer, followed by Next:

  • HL7 Inbound Settings: Select the three dots (shown above in the blue box) to specify where inbound messages are stored
    • These are messages sent from the EMR 
    • Uplink will scan this folder to detect new files
      • New files will be uploaded to Tricefy
  • HL7 Outbound Settings: Select the three dots (shown above in the blue box) to specify where outbound messages are stored
    • ‚ÄčThese are messages sent to the EMR 

Inbound and Outbound folders cannot be the same.

Once you have specified two different folders, select Install to proceed with the installation.


Once the software is installed, a dialog box will prompt display. Press OK:

A browser window will direct to Tricefy so that you can activate your new Uplink. If you are not logged into Tricefy, you will be prompted to do so.

To activate your Uplink:

  1. Make note of the Uplink Name 
  2. Enter your Display Name
  3. If you have multiple accounts, confirm the correct account is chosen in the drop-down menu 
  4. Select Activate your Tricefy Uplink to complete this process 

HL7 Settings

Tricefy Staff will help configure the HL7 Settings.

 Configure Inbound Settings

 Configure Outbound Automation Rule