Labels (Account Settings)

Select Labels in your Account Settings to view, edit and delete labels that have been applied to studies. Labels are useful for organizing, searching and filtering data.

  • All labels that have been used by members of your clinic are listed under Name
  • The number of times the label was used is shown under Studies
  • If a label does not have any studies currently using it, you can delete it by selecting Delete
  • To change a label or deactivate a label, select the Edit button:
  • ‚ÄčEdit: Edit the label by modifying the Name
    • This will will change the label on all studies that are using it
  • Deactivate: Deactivate the label by choosing No under the Active drop-down
    • Deactivated labels will not be removed from studies that are already using it
      • Use this option instead of Delete if you do not want to remove the label from studies
    • You can reactivate the label by choosing Yes under the Active drop-down menu or by re-added it on the Study List's side info panel

 Instructions for creating and applying labels

When automation rules are configured, labels are automatically applied. If your account automatically sends patient links or performs any other automatic process when studies are uploaded, these labels cannot be modified or removed.

 Learn more about automation rules