Tricefy Inside - LOGIQ E10 (New General Imaging)

The New GE LOGIQ(tm) E10 ultrasound systems have Tricefy pre-installed. Additional software is not required in order to use Tricefy, you can your account once the device has an internet connection without a firewall or anti-virus using the following steps:

*You must be logged in as an ADM (admin) to make any changes on the Logiq.

1) Press the Utilities button on the front panel (this is a physical button), and select Connectivity using the tabs.  Within the Connectivity section, you'll find a new Tricefy tab. 

2) Select the Tricefy tab and activate your account

Note: The Tricefy tab is only available on new machines that have Tricefy Inside.

a) Enter your email address to authorize the account. This should be an IT or clinic administrator.

b) Select Activate Account. This process may take up to 20 seconds.

c) Click Verify Account

The Uplink ID is extremely important.  Please provide this to

If you have additional ultrasound systems to setup that don't already have Tricefy installed, refer to the following help pages: