Patient Screen & Patient Sharing

Sharing with Patients 

Send patients a link to their own unique webpage, filled with their special images and clips! Select an article below to get started:

Sending Images: Patients can receive their link via email and/or text messaging

Resending Images: If patients delete their link, or if the link expires, you can send a new one in a matter of seconds

Patient Emails: See an example of the email your patient will receive

Patient Links/Landing Page: See an example of your patient's unique webpage

Patient Screen

All your patients are stored on the Patients screen in Tricefy. The articles below explain everything you need to know:

Patient Screen Overview: How to navigate the Patients screen

Patient Screen Column Headers: Controlling what you see on your Patients screen by customizing your page settings

Editing Patient Information: How to modify or correct patient information

Adding a Patient: How to manually add a patient to Tricefy