Tricefy Uplink Requirements

Tricefy Uplink has minimal requirements:

  1. An account with Tricefy (user name and password)

  1. DICOM-capable and DICOM-enabled Ultrasound machine(s)

  1. Internet connection with “broadband speed” or better.
    • Tip: Faster internet connections will result in faster uploads

  1. DICOM -licensed ultrasound system(s) connected to an active network 
    • The ultrasound system and Uplink software must be connected to the same network

  1. A computer or server for running the software. Tricefy Uplink can be run in conjunction with other applications and does not need a dedicated computer. A static/fixed IP address is strongly recommended.
    1. Window Requirements:
      1. XP or higher
      2. 40MB of disk
      3. Space necessary for processes and data files
      4. Static IP Address
    2. Mac Requirements:
      1. OS X 10.6
      2. 40 MB of disk space necessary for processes and data files
      3. Static IP Address

Note: Tricefy works using any major and modern internet browser, including IE11. However, while Internet Explorer is supported, Microsoft recommends using a modern browser, such as Microsoft Edge.