Tricefy Basics: Accessing, Navigating, & Using Tricefy

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 Studies Screen Articles 

 Viewer Articles

Study List Overview: Everything you need to know about the Study List (your examinations):

- Column headers and sorting
- Statuses and Labeling
- Selecting studies and thumbnails
Side (information) Panel

Page Settings/Column Headers: Controlling what you see on your Studies screen by customizing your page settings

Action Menu: Choose to attach filesdownload, move, and delete studies

Viewer Overview: Everything you need to know about the Viewer:

- Navigating the Viewer
- Adding and deleting annotations
Adjusting your screen layout

Page Settings/Layout: Customizing your Viewer: How many images to display, toggling thumbnails, and organizing your screen

Thumbnails: Explaining the little icons on thumbnails

Comparing Studies: Displaying multiple studies in the Viewer at once.

How-to Articles

How to Send to Patients, Doctors, and external servers (like a PACS)

How to AccessLog into Tricefy

How to Filter and Search for Studies

How to view exam information in the side panel

How to Print Images and Reports (from the viewer or studies screen)

How to Download Images, Clips and Report (from the viewer or studies screen)