Local Study Routes

Select Local Study Routes in your Account Settings if your clinic wants to route their images from Tricefy to a local server. 

During installation (of the advanced Uplink), you must have checked the Route to Local  DICOM Server checkbox and entered a Port and IP address of the local server. This information tells Tricefy where to route the data.

 Uplink Installation Instructions

If you are creating a local study route for downloading, simply proceed with the steps below.

To route to a local server:

  1. Enter the name of the server (to help you remember where you are routing your data)
    1. If you are creating this study route for downloading, enter "Download"
  2. Enter the AE Title (AET) of your ultrasound system
    1. This will be the DICOM stores that were configured during installation
      1. Common stores are "archive" and "patient" - confirm the name of your stores in the DICOM Settings of your ultrasound system
    2. If you are creating this route for downloading study PDFs, leave this field blank
  3. Check Anonymize DICOM Files to remove identifiable information
    1. If creating this route for downloading PDFs, this checkbox must remain unchecked
      1. For downloading, checking this box will result in an error message
  4. Choose the Uplink from the drop-down menu
    1. This will be the Display Name that was entered during activation
  5. Select the Create Local Study Route button

Once your route is created, it will be listed on this screen. Select Delete to remove a route.