Setting up an Ultrasound System that is not Connected to the Network

In most cases, the ultrasound system and the server/computer running Tricefy Uplink are both connected to the Internet and the clinic's network (either wired or wirelessly).

However, it is possible to connect the ultrasound system directly to the server/computer running Uplink (that is connected to the Internet/network) when using a Windows computer.

The following setup is recommended for this situation:

  • Two adapters:
    • One adapter to support the connection between the ultrasound system and server/computer
    • One adapter to support the connection between the server/computer and internet/network
  • IP address of the server/computer set to static 

Using the setup described above, the Uplink server acts as an internet router for the ultrasound system. 

Configuration for this setup remains the same, however there will be two IP addresses shown for the Tricefy Uplink (one for each adapter). There is no obvious way to discern which IP address to use the DICOM settings of the ultrasound system; if the first one does not work, replace it with the second one.

IP addresses are viewable within Tricefy's Account Settings.