Integrating and Viewing Exams with athenahealth

How it Works

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An examination is uploaded to Tricefy (either by using your imaging system or the software itself). If the Patient ID, Encounter ID (Appointment Date and Time) and Order ID (Accession ID) exists in Athena, the study will be sent to the patient's chart (refer to the following section if you are new to Tricefy).

Viewing the Exam in Athena

To view the exam using Athena:

1) Open your patient's chart:

2) Select the  icon on the left side of the screen to open Imaging Results

3) Select the link listed under Imaging Results:

4) Select View Report Header on the upper-right of your screen (next to Print)

5) Select the Custom Link titled Trice Preview:

6) If you are currently not logged into Tricefy, you will be prompted for your password. If you do not have a Tricefy account, you will be asked to create one.

Once you are logged in, the examination will display in the Tricefy viewer.

You can confirm it was sent by selecting the study on your Study List and opening the side Info Panel. Scroll towards the bottom of the panel and select the Interface Status Details link.

Note: This link is only available for Athena users.

If the status is "success" (shown below in the red box), it means that the examination was successfully sent to the patient's chart:

  • Select Back to return to your Study List
  • Select Resend Study Link to Athena to send another link to your patient's chart

If the status is "failed," it means the examination was not sent to the patient's chart. A failed status will include an error message (shown below in the blue box):

Failures are usually because the Patient ID or Order ID was not found in Athena. You can correct any erroneous information in Athena and return to this screen to resend the examination.

Patient IDs can also be corrected using the Tricefy interface (resend the study after the ID is fixed).

 Correcting the Patient ID

Note: You can also view the Interface Status of your Athena studies by adding the column to your study list, as explained further below.

Creating a Tricefy Account

If you are new to Tricefy, you have to create your Tricefy account before uploading or viewing any examination. To create your account, open the account invitation that was sent to your email (either by your Account Administrator or Trice Imaging staff) and select the Accept Invitation Link. 

After clicking a Tricefy link in Athena, you will be prompted to link your Athena user profile to your Tricefy user profile. Simply click the "I already have Tricefy login" link at the top and sign in to Tricefy to link your Athena user to your Tricefy user.

Note: Make sure the account listed is the correct account.

Showing Interface Status on your Study List

To display the Interface Status on your Study List, select the settings cog in the upper-right corner (shown the red box) and check the Interface Status box:

When viewing your Study List, a new column will now display the interface status of each exam:

  • Success: The exam was successfully sent to athena health
  • Fail: The exam was not sent to athena health
    • Selecting Fail in the Interface Status column will display all pertinent information, including the error message, as explained above
  • No Status: The exam is not assoicated with an athena health patient

If adding an additional column to your Study List increases makes it difficult to view, adjust your the width of your columns to help minimize horizontal scrolling.

 Learn more about Study List columns, including how to adjust their widths