Patients Screen - Overview

The Patients screen provides a list of patients that have examinations/studies in Tricefy:

Page headers at the top of the screen can be modified and reorganized by selecting the settings cog in the upper-right corner.

 Instructions for changing your column headers

Select any column header (Full Name, Patient DOB, etc.) to re-order how patients are listed. For example, selecting Patient ID will list patients in alpha-numerical order by Patient ID.  Selecting the Patient ID header again will reverse the order.

Selecting a patient's name will open a window for modifying patient information. Please note that this only changes the information in Tricefy, not the information entered into your imaging system; select the link below for additional guidance.

 Instructions for correcting patient information 

Selecting Show Studies for a patient will switch to your Studies screen but only display studies for that particular patient. To do this, Tricefy applied a filter; double-click the X in the Search field to clear the filter: