Viewer: Thumbnails

Thumbnails are shown in the viewer when the sidebar is activated using the monitor settings () at the top of the screen:

 Instructions for activating your sidebar 

When using the viewer, thumbnails are marked with the following icons:

indicates the file is an image

 indicates the file is a 3D image

indicates the file is a cine clip. These play automatically when opened in the Viewer.

indicates the number of notes associated with a file. This number includes annotations made directly on the image.

indicates the thumbnail is selected and included if the study is shared.

displays the following menu, specific to the individual thumbnail:


  • Show Metadata: Displays embedded data that is used for automation. Account Administrators can configure automation within the Account Settings.
  • dcm: Downloads thumbnail as a DICOM file. If the file is not DICOM, this option is not available.
  • Jpg: Downloads thumbnail as a JPEG file.
  • Delete: Removes file from the study.

Note: Cine clips include the option to download as an MP4 file; reports and PDF documents include option to download as Application/PDF file