Legacy Uplink & Downlink

Tricefy Uplink 4.0 has replaced previous versions of Uplink. We will continue to support previous (Legacy) versions of Uplink. Uplink 4.0 is currently only available for Windows.

Downloading & Installing Tricefy Uplink

Unlike Uplink 4.0, there are different Uplinks available depending on your clinic's needs.

Typical Uplink

Suitable for most small and medium sized clinics - DICOM is anonymized before it's sent to the patient. It is simple and user friendly; no IT resources are needed

 Typical Uplink Installation Instructions

Advanced Uplink

Typical Uplink with additional features for integrating with a PACS or EMR:

  • Sending studies to Tricefy using ViewPoint
  • Routing studies from Tricefy to an external server
  • Query and retrieve using a local server

 Advanced Uplink Instructions

If you are performing clinical studies or have a need for additional anonymization, contact our Customer Success Team (by selecting the Contact button below) to inquire about our Anonymized Uplink. This Uplink anonymizes data before uploading to Tricefy and discards any non-DICOM content.

Learn More about Tricefy Uplink:

 Tricefy Uplink Requirements

 Making sure your IP address is Static

 Instructions for a New Computer

Instructions for using Uplink to Download from Tricefy

Learn more about anonymization


 Did you ever wonder if you could install Uplink on your Android phone?
                            There is an app for that!

Instead of uploading exams to Tricefy, you can also download exams using the Tricefy Downlink

Instructions for installing Downlink