Send To Menu

The Send To menu is located at the top of your viewer and Studies screen (if a study is selected):

  • Send to Patient: Sends an examination to a patient. They will receive a link to their own special webpage hosting their images.

 Learn more about sending to patients

  • Send to Doctor: Sends an examination to a doctor, such as a referring physician. They will receive a link to view and comment on the exam.

 Learn more about sending to doctors

  • Send to DICOM Server: Sends an examination to an external server, such a PACS. Tricefy integrates with outside software and servers to accommodate efficient workflows.

 Learn more about sending to external servers

  • Send to Downlink: This option is only available if you have a Tricefy uplink with the downlink service enabled. A pop-up window will display to select which downlink route to send to.

 Learn more about sending files to a downlink

  • Send to EMR: This option is only available for users integratration. A pop-up window will display for sending an exam link to your EMR.

 Learn more about sending to an EMR

This menu is also located on the Consults screen but only Send to DICOM Server is available.

  • To send the exam to patient, return to your Studies screen by selecting Studies from the navigational options:

  • To send the exam to additional doctors, use the side panel on the Consults screen

 Learn how to invite more participants using the Consults sidebar