Studies are not appearing in Tricefy - Kaspersky firewalls

If both the Ping and Verify tests are successful but studies are not appearing in Tricefy, it is possibly due to a Kaspersky Internet Firewall running on the computer hosting Uplink. Traditional firewalls block internet traffic (which uses Port 443) that is necessary in order for the imaging machine to send data to Tricefy, In these cases, reconfiguring the firewall to allow internet traffic will fix the problem.

However, Kaspersky firewalls act differently by analyzing data and since Tricefy is not HTTP (it is TCP/TLS),  the firewall tags it as non-standard and restricts the connection. 

In this situation, the firewall (on the computer running Uplink) needs to be disabled, or whitelist the traffic using Kaspersky whitelisting tools.