Reporting for Administrators

Clinic Administrators (and those with delegated permissions) have access to Tricefy's global reporting templates by selecting the Templates option at the top of your screen:

  • Select the clinic Account (shown in the red box) and template Category (shown in the blue box - these will vary depending on the categories chosen by the clinic) 
    • Next, select the link under the Title column to open the template
  • Select the drop-down arrow in the Actions column to duplicate, export or delete the template
    • Exports will delete as a .json file
    • NOTE: If a template is used for a finalized report, that template cannot be deleted

Opening a template allows you to change the name, make modifications, remove unnecessary items, and other create other customizations:

Learn how to name and categorize your template

Learn how to upload and adjust your logo

Learn how to add titles and headers

Learn how to modify headers and labels

Learn how to add, remove, and modify fields

Learn how to reorganize your template

Learn how to add a signature field