Activation Fails: The Uplink could not be found

There are two issues that customers have reported when trying to activate their Uplink software.

Issue #1: They are unable to log into their Tricefy account - if this is happening, please refer to following link:
                           Activation Fails: Invalid Username or Password

Issue #2: They receive a message that says the Uplink ID <with a bunch of letters and numbers> Could Not be Found. If you are seeing this message, refer to the article below.

Uplink Could not be Found

If this message displays after the initial installation, it indicates your Uplink cannot access the internet. This can be for the very simple reason that the computer with Uplink installed is turned off or disconnected from the internet. Make sure that the computer is on and has internet access.

If everything appears to be right, reinstall the Uplink software.

 Instructions on how to reinstall Uplink

If this message displays after you reinstalled Uplink, it indicates something is blocking your Uplink's ability to access the internet.  This is usually a proxy server or firewall. These things limit the internet in order to keep your computer safe.

All we have to do is adjust a few settings to fix the issue.  

Proxy Server Settings

Services, such as Tricefy, and devices, such as your computer, communicate back and forth using a bunch of ports. These ports are like mailboxes for data; specific ports receive only specific types of data.

Tricefy uses Port 443 to communicate with your Uplink. This port is universally used for transferring encrypted data. In some cases, a content or proxy server may block Port 443. In this situation, Tricefy would not be able to communicate or receive data.

  • Confirm with your IT department that content servers and proxy servers are configured to allow Port 443.

Firewall Settings

When Uplink is installed, two processes – Trice_boxComm and Trice_storescp – will run the background. The installation process is designed to apply local firewall rules to avoid firewalls from blocking these processes but a clinic’s network can override this feature.

  • Confirm with your IT department that firewalls are configured to allow the boxComm and storescp processes.

Note: Sometimes installing a windows update will reset firewall settings. Double check settings even if they were initially correct.

Note: Uplink 4.0 and higher only runs one background service named Tricefy_Uplink