Appearance Menu

The Appearance menu allows you to adjust the color theme and list layout in Tricefy. These options only affect your user.


  • Sync with system: Tricefy color theme will change based on the appearance settings schedule from your computer's operating system (if applicable)
  • Light: the default color theme of Tricefy
  • Dark: darkens the overall color theme of Tricefy; ideal for low light environments while using the Tricefy image viewer
    • Note: the dark theme will only apply to key areas in Tricefy such as the study list, patient list, and viewer. Loading documents, such as PDFs or Tricefy reports, will remain with a white background.

List Layout

Adjusts the overall spacing between items in the Tricefy study list and patient list

  • Compact: minimal spacing between items in list
  • Standard: default spacing between items in list
  • Expanded: increased spacing between items in list (former Tricefy list view)