Tricefy Inside (pre-installed)

New GE Voluson ultrasound systems and new Vscan Extend portable systems have Tricefy pre-installed.  To find out if your new system has Tricefy Inside, look for the sticker:

With Tricefy Inside, there is no additional software to download and install - you can begin using your Tricefy trial today!

To get started:

Step 1: Activation

Have your IT department or Network Administrator activate your Tricefy account - activation takes under 30 seconds!

 See Activation Instructions for the Voluson

 See Activation Instructions for the Vscan

Step 2: Configuration

Setup your machine to send data to Tricefy either at the end of an exam or with the press of a P button

 See Configuration Instructions for the Voluson

 See Configuration Instructions for the Vscan

Step 3: Send your first study

Start a new exam, enter an email address or phone number and share your study instantly!

 See Instructions for Sending a Study using your Voluson

 See Instructions for Entering Patient Data in your Vscan