Patient Screen - Editing Patient Information

Patients that have studies in Tricefy are listed on the Patient Screen. To access this screen, select the Patients from the options at the top of the screen:

Patients are listed in alphabetical order.  You can reverse this order by selecting the Full Name header (this will list them from Z - A).

Selecting a patient's name will display a window for editing their Name, Birth date or Patient ID:

Update the information on the screen, followed by the Save Patient button.

Changes on this screen are only made to the data in Tricefy - not to the data stored in your imaging system or the DICOM data (which is embedded in the image).

It is important to note that you cannot correct the patient ID if the patient (with the right ID) is already in Tricefy. However, we do have a solution for this:

Fixing a Patient ID

You can edit the unique patient ID using the instructions above if the patient is not already in Tricefy, however, you cannot have two patients with the same ID.  If the patient is already in Tricefy (and you simply mistyped the ID), you can edit the study:

 Instructions for reassigning a Patient ID


Deleting a Patient

Select the red Delete Patient link to remove a patient from Tricefy. This will erase all patient data and delete any studies associated with the patient.

This action cannot be undone so proceed with caution. 

However, you can always send old studies back to Tricefy using your ultrasound system.