Compression Settings for Voluson

The following are the recommended compression settings for Voluson ultrasound systems:

Once you are done modifying the compression settings, click Save.

BT19 and Newer (Tricefy Inside)

To access your compression settings for Voluson models BT19 and newer:

  • Select Show Tricefy Entries on the bottom of the DICOM Configurations screen
  • Select STORE Tricefy store for archiving or STORE Tricefy Patient Share for patient sharing and modify the settings:

Note: If you are using Tricefy patient sharing and archive, update the settings for each store.

BT18 and Earlier (Tricefy Inside)

To access your compression settings for Voluson models BT18 and earlier:

  • Select Add on the DICOM Configuration screen to create a new store service
  • Enter the IP address and port number of the embedded Uplink:
    • IP Address:
    • Port: 8104