About Tricefy & Release Notes

Release Notes

Tricefy publishes all production releases on our Status Page. This page also displays any service or DNS disruptions across the globe that may temporarily interfere with Tricefy's performance.

 Check out our Status Page at https://trice.statuscast.com/#!/.

NEW: You can also start referring to our non-technical "release notes" that only include the neat stuff we want you to be aware of, like new functionality, with links to relevant Help articles. 

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About Tricefy

Tricefy is Class One, FDA and CE certified medical device product. 

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Tricefy is intended to provide physicians with functionalities for receiving, transmitting, presenting, sharing, communicating, retrieving, and viewing medical images. 

Warranty Statement

Precautions for Use

Regulatory Identification Numbers:

Basic UDI-DI: 0860006627145W
FDA Registration #: 3009831823
GTIN: 00860006627102