Patient Emails

When a study is sent to a patient via email, they receive a message similar to the one shown below. This email includes a link to their personal landing page, where they can view and download their images.

Both the email and text message can be customized by Account Administrators by selecting Message Branding within the Account Settings.

When a study is sent to a patient via text message, they receive a message stating their photos are available for viewing, along with the same link to their landing page.

Both messages also contain a Delete Code that the patient must enter in order to delete their Landing Page.

When Tricefy uploads images to a patient's landing page, all identifiable information, such as their name, is removed (we call this "anonymization"). However, studies that include non-DICOM data (e.g. PDF file or report) cannot be anonymized.  In this situation, the patient will be prompted to create a password for their landing page.

Refer to our example Landing Page to learn more about the patient's experience.

 See an Example Landing Page