Study List: Page Settings (Column Headers)

A window displays when the settings cog is selected at the top of the Studies screen:

This window allows you to modify the content shown on your study list:

  • Check Display Thumbnails to always show thumbnails for each study
  • Check Thumbnails in Reverse Order to always display thumbnails in reverse order
  • Uncheck Study List Scrolls Horizontally to disable scrolling (right-left) through thumbnails for individual studies

Column Headers (Table Columns)

  • Select or de-select options to customize the headers shown on your Studies screen
    • A green check indicates the column is visible
      • For example:
        • Study Date (in the screenshot above) is currently shown on the Study List; choosing it will de-select that option and remove it 
        • Gender (in the screenshot above) is currently not shown on the Study List; choosing it will will select that option and show it on your Study List

Headers also allow you to organize your studies.  For example, selecting the Study Date header will list studies from the newest date to the oldest date.  You will know that studies are listed in order by date because the header will be bold:

Reordering Column Headers

To change the order of your column headers, click and hold your mouse button (or touch and hold if you are on a tablet) over a header and drag it to a new location. 

In the example below, we unchecked Account and Thumbnails and added Source, Procedure and Referring Physician:

We also re-arranged the order of our headers so now the columns on our Study List look like this:

  • Selecting Procedure, Source or Ref. Physician would group and list all studies by that category
  • Selecting Study Date would list studies in chronological order by date
  • Selecting Full Name would list studies in alphabetical order

Adjusting Column Width

By default, the column widths fit to the necessary size, however you can easily adjust them. 

  1. Hover your mouse over the line that separates two columns; it will turn into a double-sided arrow:
  2. Click and hold the mouse button while slightly moving the mouse to make the columns wider or smaller.

Saving your Settings

Changes to your page settings are automatically saved. Changes on this screen do not affect other members of your clinic.

You can return to the to default settings by selecting Reset Settings within your Personal Settings. The default column headers are: Account, Thumbnails, Full Name, Patient ID, Patient DOB, Study Date, Study Details, Sonographers, and Performing Physician. 

 Learn more about your Personal Settings