Network Setup and Firewalls

Proxy Server Configuration

Services and devices communicate back and forth using designated ports; Tricefy uses Port 443 for communication. This port is universally used for transferring encrypted data. In some cases, a content or proxy server may block Port 443, which will prevent the Tricefy Service from working.

  • Confirm with the IT department that any content or proxy servers are configured to allow Port 443.

Firewall Settings

When Uplink is installed, two processes – Trice_boxComm and Trice_storescp – will run the background. The installation process is designed to apply local firewall rules to avoid firewalls from blocking these processes, however a clinic’s network can override this feature.

If you have an IT department, confirm with IT that firewalls are configured to allow the boxComm process.

If you don't have an IT department, try the following troubleshooting steps:

  • Turn off Windows firewall and reboot computer
    • Test using Ping/Verify - if it works, firewall needs to be configured to allow the BoxComm process
  • Turn off anti-virus firewall(s) and reboot computer 
    • Test using Ping/Verify - if it works, firewall need to be configured to allow the Boxcomm process

Note: Sometimes installing a Windows update will reset firewall settings. Double-check settings even if they were initially correct.