Tricefy Uplink (Installation and more)

If you are using a new GE Voluson, you may have Tricefy Inside. This feature is a pre-installed Uplink - all you have to do is activate your Tricefy account.
                                   Look for the Tricefy Inside sticker on your machine.

Downloading & Installing Tricefy Uplink

We have recently released Uplink 4 with increased performance and simplicity.  Like the previous versions, installation only takes a few minutes.

Instructions for installing Tricefy Uplink 4

Don't worry, we will still support the legacy version.

Documentation for Legacy Uplink

So what changed?

Our newest Uplink offers multiple service options in a single installer and is suitable for clinics who just use patient sharing and archiving, as well as clinics integrating with complex EMR systems.

Viewpoint integrations and local anonymization will be included in future upgrades (continue using the Legacy Uplink for these services).

Learn More about Tricefy Uplink:

 Tricefy Uplink Requirements

 Making sure your IP address is Static

 Instructions for a New Computer

Instructions for using Uplink to Download from Tricefy

Learn more about anonymization


 Did you ever wonder if you could install Uplink on your Android phone?
                            There is an app for that!

Instead of uploading exams to Tricefy, you can also download exams using the Tricefy Downlink

‚ÄčInstructions for installing Downlink