Tricefy Uplink & Downlink

Downloading Tricefy Uplink or Downlink

 Windows Installer - current version
 Mac OS Installer

*Follow these steps in order to allow the Uplink installer to run on Mac OS:

Installing Tricefy Uplink

Instructions for installing Tricefy Uplink 4 (installer also includes Downlink service)

Note: GE ViewPoint integrations and local anonymization will be included in future upgrades (continue using the Legacy Uplink for these services)

If you are using GE Voluson, you may have Tricefy Inside. This feature is a pre-installed uplink software that can be activated with your Tricefy account

Learn More about Tricefy Uplink:

 Tricefy Uplink Requirements

 Making sure your IP address is Static

 Instructions for a New Computer

Instructions for using the Tricefy Downlink service to download from Tricefy

Learn more about anonymization