ViewPoint 6 Configuration Instructions

Download the Viewpoint Add Installation Guide to ensure your system is configured correctly. 




1. Install the Add-On on the server running ViewPoint

Before performing the install, create a folder on the computer's C:/ drive for PDF exports. Write down the full path if this folder (example: c:\VP_PDFExport) - this path needs to be specified during the installation process.

This add-on is a typical Uplink that is designed to work specifically with ViewPoint and works with the standard installation instructions. Make sure to download the file, right click, and select Run as Administrator.

2. Verify using ViewPoint Admin

To verify the add-on was successfully installed, open the ViewPoint Admin tool and select the Server tab for General configuration. Open the add-on's panel to ensure that the configuration is correct. It should look like the picture below. Enter the name of the Add-On in the Name field (example: Share via Tricefy).

3. Configure ID Mapping

Select the ID Mapping tab to ensure External ID 1 is configured with the DICOM Patient ID.

This is required to ensure the Patient ID is consistent between Viewpoint and Tricefy. If your Viewpoint is not using External ID one, contact Trice Support.

4. Install Uplink on Workstations

On each workstation:

  • Open ViewPoint
  • Open a patient
  • Select the name of the add-on/extension (example: Share via Tricefy) from the add-ons drop-down menu

It will open the add-on and display a warning that Uplink must be installed. Click the Install button at the bottom of the window. Installation completes in a few seconds and self-activates based on the settings of the initial installation on the server. The activation completes in about one minute.

Close and re-open the add-on; the main interface displays for sharing images and reports with patients and colleagues. You are ready to Tricefy!

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