Automation - Automatically Share with Other Physician

Automation rules automatically process images based on data (email addresses, names, labels, etc.) entered into the imaging system prior to an examination. Tricefy uses this information to automatically send studies to patients, apply labels, and other automated actions.

Click here for instructions on creating a new automatic process.

When creating a process to automatically share specific studies with other doctors, choose Automatically Share Images with Physicians as the automation type.

After the process has been created, the configuration screen displays.

First, select Add New Condition to dictate what triggers the automated process. It is important to note that a condition is not required for creating an automatic process. If conditions are not added, the automatic process is always applied. 

Select the red X to remove a condition.

If adding a condition, select an option under the When drop-down menu to specify when the automation is applied:

  • Choosing an option under Instance will automatically share studies for the following instances:
    • Destination AE Title or Extension will share the study each time a specific imaging system is used
      • We created two stores when configuring the ultrasound system
      • Enter the name of the store into the Equals text box
    • Is or contains a PDF will automatically share the study each time the study contains a PDF document
      • Leave the Equals text box empty 
  • Choosing an option under DICOM Fields runs the process when specific information is entered into that DICOM field
    • Type the information that needs to be entered into the Equals text box
      • For example, if a referring physician requests all of Jane Doe's studies to be shared with him, select Patient Name from the drop-down menu and type "Jane Doe" into the text box. Each time "Jane Doe" is entered into the Patient Name field of the imaging machine, the study can be sent to her referring physician.            

Next, specify which DICOM fields to use for finding contacting information of other doctors:

Select Add New DICOM Field to specify a field:

The system populates possible DICOM fields based on what is entered into a drop-down menu. Select the appropriate option from the drop-down menu.

  • If no DICOM fields are added, the system scans all fields
  • List recent EMAIL fields displays DICOM fields that contained email addresses in previous exams
  • List recent PHONE fields displays DICOM fields that  contained phone numbers in previous exams

Select Update Automation Settings to save the content on this screen and return to the Automation Setup page.

This process is now listed under Saved Automations, where it can be edited, deleted, or disabled.

Physicians are notified when a study is shared; the shared study appears on their Consults list.