Inbound HL7 Messages

This feature is for users that integrate with an EMR. Our Support staff is available to help configure this setting.

1. Install the HL7 Uplink

 HL7 Uplink Installation Instructions

2. Follow the instructions below for configuring inbound messages

3.Setup automation for outbound messages

Inbound HL7 Messages

Select Inbound HL7 Messages in your Account Settings to configure Tricefy to receive HL7 messages and create a worklist entry.

The Custom Format box shows the required HL7 format:

  • All messages must begin with MSH
  • All data must reside between brackets { }
  • All data is separated by |

You can use any of the listed "placeholders."  For example, {REFERRING_PHYSICIAN} will insert the name of the referring physician. 

Adding text in the Sample Message box and selecting Save will show what the message will look like.

For example, entering:


MSH|||2345432|GeraldDean|1975_01_01|M|2021 in the Sample Message box, will preview as:

patient_ID: 2345432

patient_name: GerladDean

patient_dob: 1975_01_01

patient_sex: M

scheduled_procedure_start_date: 2021

Optional: If you are setting up a bi-directional EMR interface, configure an outgoing message automation rule. Outbound messages are sent to the destination folder specified during theUplink installation. This is not required if you are only using the EMR as a source for the worklist.