Side (info) Panel

The icon in the upper-right corner of your screen toggles the side panel. When it is opened,  there is a square around the icon: 

Studies Screen

When the side panel is opened on the Studies screen but nothing is selected, the side panel will display a time-stamped history log of your clinic's activity. This includes when studies were viewed, shared, and when a note or annotation is created.

  • Account Activity tab: Displays a history log that includes all members of your clinic
  • My Activity tab: Displays a history log of only your actions

Once a study is selected, the information in the side panel will display information specific to that study. You will know which study is selected because it will be blue on your Studies screen.

To select a study, click (or touch, if using a tablet) anywhere on the examination:

Side Panel Content

When opened, the side panel displays the same information whether you are using the Studies screen or the viewer. This information is organized into four tabs:

Info Tab

The Info tab shows the date of the study, when the study expires, patient information (name, gender, date of birth), procedure information (physicians, procedure) and the size of the study.

  Attaching Files

To attach files, such as a report, PDF, or image file, select Choose Files (if using Internet Explorer, this button reads, Browse)

  • A pop-up window displays for selecting files from your computer/network to attach

Learn more about Attaching Files

  • DICOM images (those from an ultrasound system) cannot be attached - refer to the link below for adding DICOM to a study)

Adding DICOM to an existing study



To add (or remove) a label for the study, click the button under Labels. Labels help filter, sort, and search for studies.

  •  Previously-used labels are pre-populated; check or uncheck as applicable
  • To add a new label, type into the text field and hit Enter on the keyboard
  • Select the red Done Adding Labels link when you are done making selections

‚ÄčNotes Tab

The Notes tab displays time-stamped notes (if any were made) and a text box for creating new notes:

Type a comment into text box and select Add Note.  

This note will be visible to the other members of your clinic.

Select the X to erase your note.

Shares Tab

The Shares tab displays a log of when and where the study was previously shared:

If the study was shared with a patient, it will be logged under Patient Links. It will also let you know if the images were viewed (by providing the number of page views).

If the patient accidentally deletes the images or needs them to be sent again, you can resend them by selecting the drop-down arrow. This method will send the same link to the same contact information.

If the link expired or you need to send the images using different contact information, share the images with the patient again using the Send to Patient feature.

If the study was sent to a colleague/another doctor, it will be logged under Consults. It will also let you know when your colleague viewed the study; if they have yet to view the study,  it will say, Unread.

 Learn more about sharing with doctors

Selecting Multiple Studies

Additional studies/thumbnails can be selected by holding down the Shift key on the keyboard while making selections. When multiple studies are selected, the side panel content shows the following:

Selecting Compare will open all studies, side by side, in the viewer.

 Instructions for Comparing Studies