What is Tricefy Uplink?

Tricefy Uplink is the bridge the connects your ultrasound system to the Tricefy Cloud.

It is like the software version of Fed Ex: Your ultrasound sends data to Uplink and Uplink delivers it to your Tricefy account:

A few facts about Tricefy Uplink:

  • It is installed on your local network and requires NO other hardware or software - all you need is a computer
  • It is easy-to-use, requires no special monitoring, and is industry compliant
  • Uplink can handle managing multiple imaging systems simultaneously 
  • Uplink can act as light-version of a PACS system or co-exist with any other solution (including your EMR)
  • Downloading the software only takes a minute!
  • Installation is quick and easy and our Customer Success Team is always eager to help you

Ready to download Uplink?  Visit our Uplink page: http://www.tricefy.help/help/uplink