Instructions for a New Computer/New Server

When replacing the computer or server that runs Tricefy Uplink, complete this two steps to update your Tricefy system:

1. Install Uplink on the New Computer
2. Update the settings on your ultrasound system

Install Uplink 

If your files were not transferred, you will need to reinstall the Uplink software. This only takes a few seconds.

 Uplink Installation Instructions

When installing Uplink, make note of the Port and IP Address. This information is shown at the end of the installation process.

Update Settings

You will have to edit the IP Address in your ultrasound system so that it matches the IP Address of your new computer. To do this, we need to edit the DICOM stores we created when we first setup your system.  Instead of adding a new store, we will select the Tricefy stores (patient and archive), followed by the Edit button.

From here, we can modify and save the new IP Address.

If you need help returning to the DICOM Configuration/Settings screen on your ultrasound system, refer to our configuration instructions.

 Ultrasound configuration instructions

Static IP Address

Lastly,  you want to make sure that your new computer has a static IP address (rather than dynamic). A dynamic IP address will change every time the computer is restarted (and then it won't match the IP Address we entered into your ultrasound system). If this happens, your studies won't appear on your Study List.

If this happens, or if you think your new computer has a dynamic IP Address, refer to the link below: