Anonymization - Technical Info

The following link lists the DICOM fields that are affected during the anonymization process. This list is based on the DICOM Standard (Confidentiality Profiles, Part 15, Chapter E).

 DICOM fields that are anonymized


DICOM Element:  Official DICOM element name

  • For private tags, the private tag definition is shown

Strict Anon Processing Type: If the anonymization type is Strict (third column), this is how the field will be anonymized:

GENERATE_UID: A new unique ID (UID) will be generated

DELETE: The value in this field will be removed

DATE_PRESERVE_YEAR_ONLY: For dates, only the year will be preserved (the month and day will be set to January 1st)

DATE_PRESERVE_DECADE_ONLY: The decade portion of the original date is preserved (the month and day will be set to January 1st)

NULL_TIME: The time is set to 00000.00

Any other value shown is the anonymized value that will display instead

STRICT: Means the processing will display as described above

NOT_STRICT: Means that Definitions field will not be anonymized at all (real data will display)

Anonymization Types

Entering different expert settings when installing the Advanced Uplink will modify behavior:

 See Expert Setting codes

Additional Processing 

Tags not included in the DICOM dictionary are completely removed during anonymization.  This would include private tags and any newly-added generic tags.

DICOM Dictionary

 DICOM Dictionary.pdf