Android Phone Installation Instructions

Tricefy can be installed on Android phones (version 4.0  or higher). 

Due to variances in manufacturers and models, instructions may slightly vary.

Tricefy will install as a .apk file, which is the file type used when installing Android applications.

Step 1: Install App from the Google Play Store

Once the application is installed, a Tricefy icon will be located with your applications. 

Step 2: Log into Tricefy and Activate your Device

You will be prompted to enter your username and password (that you use to log into Tricefy) when you initially open the application. This will link your phone to your Tricefy account. Next, you will be prompted to log into Tricefy, if you are not currently logged in on your phone browser.

Once you are logged in, select the blue Activate Tricefy button.

Step 3:  IP address and Port Number

When you open the Uplink application (by selecting the icon on your phone), you will see the IP Address and Port number of your Uplink. You can enter this information into your imaging device to have your examinations automatically upload to the Tricefy cloud.

Learn more about setting up your imaging device by visiting our Configuration Help Page.