Adding, Deleting, & Modifying Labels

Labels Menu

Selecting the Labels iconon the top of your Study List will display all the labels for your clinic. A checked box indicates that the label is applied to the active study. This icon does not display unless a study is selected on your Study List.

  • To add an existing label, select labels from this list
  • To remove a label, select a checked box - this will uncheck the box and remove the label from the study

Finding a Label

To find an existing label, begin typing the name of the label in the text box. Matching labels will auto-populate as you type:

Select the label from the list. If the label does not populate, create a new label by following the steps below.

Creating Labels and Hierarchy 

To create a new label:

1) Select a study from your Study List. You can also specify thumbnails within a study to assign labels to just certain instances

2) Type the name of the new label into the text box

2) Select the Create Label button 

3) To add this label as a sub-label, choose the Select a Parent Label menu (shown in the red box). Otherwise, select Create Label (shown in the blue box) to add the label. 

When choosing the Select a Parent Label menu, all existing labels will display:

Choose a parent label to nest your new label under, followed by the Create Label button. 

Example of Hierarchy

Sub-labels and parent labels help with organization. You can create multiple levels of labels.


If your clinic has enabled dictionaries, they will be located at the end of your Labels list.

Labels & the Side Information Panel

Applied labels are listed on your side information panel. If this panel does not appear, select theicon on the right side of the screen. The Labels tab, shown below, lists labels currently applied to the selected study. If nothing is listed, it means the study is not labeled.

  • To remove a label, select X next to the specific label. This removes the label from the study while leaving it available to apply to future studies.
  • To add new labels, select the button
    • Previously-used labels will display so that you can easily apply them again - check the box next to the label(s) you want to apply
    • To apply a new label, type the label into the text box, followed by Enter on your keyboard

Once all labels have been added or removed, select Done Adding Labels.

Account administrators can view, edit, and delete labels within the Account Settings.

Adding a Label to a Specific Image

To add a label to only a specific image (or specific images), select the thumbnail(s) before adding a label.

The label will still display in the sidebar when the study is selected, but it will not be bold unless that specific image is selected.

In the example below, the entire study has the label "big study". When the study is selected, this label is bold to indicate is applied to all images:

The label "baby" is only applied to the last image so it is not bold in the example above. However, when we select the last image, the label "baby" turns bold to indicate it's applied to that specific image: 

Labels Column:

You can easily view which studies have labels by displaying the Labels column on your Study List.

 Learn how to adjust columns using your Study List Page Settings

The number next to the label icon in the Labels column indicates how many labels are associated with the study.

A pop-up window displays when the label icon is selected:

  • Labels applied to the entire study  are shown in green
  • Labels applied to specific instances are shown in white