Adjusting Profile Settings

To access your settings, select Personal Settings from the user menu at the top of the screen:

The first tab (default tab) contains Profile Settings. Select Back to Tricefy to return to the Studies screen:

  • Email Address: This is the email address used to log into Tricefy
    • If you change your email address, make sure to use the new email address next time you log into Tricefy
  • Display Name: This is the name that appears when participating in consultations or when leaving notes on a study
  • Phone Number: This is the number that receives text notifications. You can also use your phone number to log into the system
  • Signature: Displays a pop-up window for uploading a signature 
    • This signature is only applicable those with permissions to finalize a report
    • The signature must be an image file (.jpg, .png)
  • Display Language: Changing this option will change the language shown on your screen
  • Default Account: This is the account that displays when logging into Tricefy. Selecting All Accounts will display patients, studies, and consults belonging to all your clinic accounts.
  • Default Account for New Uplinks: This is the account that will receive images for any newly installed uplinks
    • Auto is default (and recommended) option - studies will be sent to the account that installed the new uplink 
  • Show Uplink Status: When this option is checked, your Uplink status will be shown at the top of the user menu to indicate if your Uplink is working properly
    • A gray icon indicates that Uplink is not installed on the computer/server 
    • A green icon indicates Uplink is functioning properly
    • An orange icon indicates that some Uplinks are working but at least one Uplink is not
      • ​This is only applicable to users with multiple Uplinks
    • red icon indicates Uplink is installed but not functioning. This is often because the computer is turned off or disconnected from the internet.

Select Save Settings to save adjustments made on this screen.

Reset Settings

The Reset Settings button returns all settings to the original, default values. These include:

  • Language set to English
  • Uplink Status shown in user menu
  • Email Notifications turned on: See instructions on turning off notifications
  • Viewer displays four images (4 x 4) and study list sidebar active (monitor settings)
  • Page Columns on your Studies screen returned to Full Name, Patient ID, Patient DOB, Study Date, Study Details, Sonographers, and Performing Physician
  • Page Columns on your Patients screen returned to Full Name, Patient ID, Patient DOB, and Show Studies

 Learn more about changing columns on the Studies screen

 Learn more about change columns on the Patients screen

A confirmation message displays before the settings are reset. Select OK to proceed. These settings do not need to be saved and this action cannot be undone.