Uplink Appears Offline

Uplink is the software that transfers data from your ultrasound system to the Tricefy cloud. In order to transfer data, Uplink requires an internet connection. If this connection is lost, the Uplink status will appear offline or not installed.

By default, the Uplink status is shown at the top of the user menu. If you don't see the status in your menu, go to your Personal Settings and select the Show Uplink Status checkbox.

  • A green icon means that your Uplink is functioning properly
  • An orange icon means that your Uplink is installed by not online
  • A gray icon means that Uplink is not installed

Selecting the status will route you to the Uplink Settings screen, where you can view details to help troubleshoot and correct the issue. You can also check these settings to see the most recent time Uplink communicated with Tricefy by reviewing the Uplink Details. The Heartbeat Time should not be more than one minute.

Uplink is not Installed

If you recently purchased a new computer or server, you probably have to install Uplink again

 Instructions for Setting up a new Computer

Uplink is not Online

Make sure that the computer is turned on, configured so that the drives do not fall asleep, and Uplink is installed. 

Next, refer to the following sequenced steps:

  1. Confirm the services trice_boxComm and trice_storescp are running in the background using the Window Services Panel
  2. Reboot the Uplink computer/server
    • Check to see if the Uplink is back online
  3. Reinstall Uplink
  4. Confirm that the ultrasound system is connected to the internet
    • If the ultrasound system is using a wireless network, try using an Ethernet cable to see if a hardwired connection resolves the issue. If it does, the issue is in regards to the wireless connection.
  5. Confirm with the IT department that firewalls and/or proxy servers are not blocking Tricefy communication

 Firewall and Proxy Server Settings

IP Address

The most common scenario that affects Uplink is a dynamic IP address.  If Uplink is installed on a computer that has a dynamic IP address, the IP address will change every time the computer is restarted. 

Your ultrasound system relies on this IP address to communicate with Uplink.  If the IP address is changed, you need to also change the address in the DICOM settings of your ultrasound system.  To prevent this, refer to the instructions below to confirm your IP address is set to Static.

 See instructions to make sure my IP address is Static

If your IP address was set to dynamic (DHCP), correct the setting by selecting the radio button that says Static and write down the current IP address.

Next, we need update the IP address in your ultrasound system so that it matches the one you just wrote down.  These settings are located on the DICOM screen where we initially setup your system. You can refer to our Configuration Instructions to help find the settings, but instead of adding a new store like we did during setup, we are going to select the existing Tricefy stores (patient and archive), and edit each one.

From here, we can enter and save the new IP address.