Members and Privileges

Select Members and Privileges in your Account Settings to invite new members to your clinic's account and to remove old members.

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Deleting & Adjusting Permissions of Existing Members

Existing members are listed under Members at the top of the screen. 

  • To remove a member from the account, select Delete. When a member is deleted, they can no longer view studies, consults, or patient information belonging to the clinic.
  • To grant a member administrative privileges, check the Admin checkbox next to the member's name. This will allow the user to invite other members, delete members, and access/modify account settings.
    • Likewise, uncheck this box to remove administrative privileges from a member.

Inviting New Members

To invite new members, select New Invite:

  1. Type the email address of the person(s) you wish to invite into the first text box
  2. Select your preferred language from the drop-down menu; this is the language that will be used in the invitation
  3. Check the Admin Privileges checkbox if you would like the member to be an Account Administrator. If multiple email addresses are entered, this action will make them all administrators. Send two batches of invitations to avoid this scenario.
  4. Select Send Invitations to distribute email invitations

Resending Invitations

Sent invitations that have not been accepted, are listed under Pending Invitations.

Select Resend Email to resend the invitation to the same email address

  • To resend the invitation to a different email address, select Copy Invitation Link. The link to the invitation will be copied onto your clipboard so that it can be pasted into the body of an email or into a chat window. To paste the link, press Ctrl-V on your keyboard.

To cancel the invitation, select Delete. The link will no longer be functional.