Login Screen

When you visit Tricefy, a login screen will display (unless you are already logged in):

  • Enter your email address into the Username field, followed by your password
    • Check Remember me to save the password, unless this is a shared computer. That way, you won't have to retype your password each time.
    • If this is your first time using Tricefy, you will be prompted to choose a password
  • Select the Log In button
  • Use the following links for assistance: 
    • Reset Password: If you cannot remember your password (or your password is not working), select this link to reset you password (click here for instructions)
    • Resend Activate Account Instructions: Select this link if you need instructions resent for activating your Tricefy account
    • Resend Unlock Account Instructions: Select this link if you have too many attempts and locked out of your Tricefy account and need instructions resent on how to fix it.

All emails are sent to the email address you use to log into Tricefy.