Sharing with Patients 

Send patients a link to their own unique webpage, filled with their special images and clips! They can also use the Tricefy Mobile App that makes sharing their images even easier.

Select an article below to get started:

Sending Images: Patients can receive their link via email and/or text messaging

Resending Images: If patients delete their link, or if the link expires, you can send a new one in a matter of seconds

Patient Emails: See an example of the email your patient will receive

Patient Links/Landing Page: See an example of your patient's unique webpage

Tricefy Mobile App: You can share this article with your patients

Patient Screen

All your patients are stored on the Patients screen in Tricefy. The articles below explain everything you need to know:

Patient Screen Overview: How to navigate the Patients screen

Patient Screen Column Headers: Controlling what you see on your Patients screen by customizing your page settings

Editing Patient Information: How to modify or correct patient information

Adding a Patient: How to manually add a patient to Tricefy