Step 1: Accepting Account Membership

Trice Imaging's Customer Success team will setup a welcome meeting to help get you started.

Before the meeting, we will create an account for your clinic and send you (or your account administrator) an invitation.  After the Account Administrator accepts the invitation, they can send out additional invitations to staff or their IT department. 

Invitations are sent via email with a link that says, Accept Invitation. Clicking this link will prompt you to create a password. Passwords should be a minimum of eight characters and include at least one upper-case letter and one number for optimal security.

Next, you will be prompted to log into Tricefy using your email address and newly-created password. From this point forward, you can log into Tricefy from any device with a web browser, including tablets and phones.

A Getting Started screen will greet you after your initial login to help set up your computer and ultrasound system.

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