Action Menu

The Action Menu is at the top of the studies screen, consults screen and viewer. However, you will only see it on the studies and consults screen if a study is selected:

  • Attach Files *: Allows you to select a non-DICOM file, such as PDF or report, to the study
  • Edit Study *: Allows you to assign the study to a different patient (in the event their name was misspelled in the ultrasound system
  • Move: Transfers or copies a study to a different Tricefy account; only available for members of multiple accounts
  • Download Studies: Displays a pop-up for downloading a study from Tricefy to your computer
  • Delete: Removes a study from Tricefy. You can resend the study, if needed, using your imaging system
  • Clear Selection: De-selects the study/studies
  • Select All: Selects all the thumbnails in a study; only available when using the viewer
    • To select all studies using your your study list,  simply double-click the study

  Not available when multiple studies are selected

Using the Viewer

If you are using the viewer and Move, Download, Delete, and Clear are grayed out, this means that you don't have any thumbnails selected. Either choose Select All from the action menu or return to your Studies screen to specify thumbnails.

Simply select Studies from the navigation options at the top of the screen to return to your study list: