Creating a Study - Starting from the Imaging System

To create a study in Tricefy using your imaging system, start a new exam and enter the patient information like normal. If you are doing a test exam, enter your name (or a fake name).

Make sure to enter a phone number and/or email address - this is how patients receive images.  If you are doing a test exam, enter your own phone number or email address.

  • If using real patient information, confirm the email address and phone number are correct
    • Tricefy anonymizes all DICOM information when sending images to patients. This means that any identifiable information, such as their name, is removed.  If  the images are received by the wrong person, personal information is not jeopardized.

If you use a specific button to send images, such a P or S button, refer to our instructions how to program that button to send studies to Tricefy.

 Instructions for setting up your P/S/Acquire /Send buttons

If you do not use a specific button, send the study as normal.  If you see a pop-up window asking where to send the study, choose the Tricefy stores (patient and archive). These were created when we configured your ultrasound system.

Images should automatically appear within the Study List in Tricefy. If there is a delay, refer to our troubleshooting steps.

Note: Tricefy Inside users should refer to Step 3 of our Tricefy Inside Getting Started Guide