Philips HD11 & HD15 Configuration

Add DICOM configuration to create two new Storage/Archive services:

  1. DICOM Preset screen: Click Preset rename, Create, Delete…
  2. DICOM Preset Controls screen:
    1. Type TRICE MEDICAL in the Create a New Preset box
    2. Click Create New
    3. Click Close
  3. DICOM Setup screen:
    1. Confirm TRICE MEDICAL appears in the Change DICOM Preset box. If not, choose this option from the dropdown menu.
    2. Click Change Settings for Current Preset
    3. Click  Servers and Roles
  4. Servers and Roles screen:
    1. Under Servers, click Modify
      1. Type TRICE MEDICAL in the AE Title box
      2. Type 104  or 105 in the Port box (Click here for more information)
      3. Select IP Address under Host/IP Address
      4. Type the IP Address x.x.x.x-archive - refer to the computer running Uplink for the IP address
      5. Click Done

       ii. Under Roles, click Modify

  1. Under Storage > Primary Storage SCP, select TRICE MEDICAL in the drop-down menu
  2. Click Advanced
  3. On the Network Preferences tab:
    -Select the Image Format tab
    -Under Color Images>Format, select RGB
    -Under B&W Images, select Use MONOCHROME2 Format
    -Under Transfer Syntax, select Uncompressed, Implicit VR Little Endian
    -Click OK
  4. Select Done and Close under the Roles section
  5. Click Modify Current when the DICOM Preset Settings Changed dialog box appears, followed by OK

Click Close, followed by OK to close the Setup screen. Repeat the above steps to create the second archive:

  • In Step B, type TRICE PATIENT instead of TRICE MEDICAL
  • In Step D, replace the “archive” in the IP address with “patient"

Click here for instructions on testing the configuration of your machine.

Note: The machine cannot be in Exam Mode during configuration.