Cloud Safety and Data Encryption

Cloud security is extremely safe and trusted by top financial and government institutions around the world. Data stored on the Cloud is encrypted and can only be accessed in a readable format by using the correct credentials. A simple analogy is to consider a safety vault and a key; the data is locked into the safety vault (the Cloud), and only available to those with the correct key (a cryptographic identity).

Since the encrypted data is stored in original formatting, clients will always export an exactly identical file, even when downloading as a JPG or MP4 (video clip).

Tricefy is hosted in data centers run by Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world's largest and most experienced Cloud provider. They employ industry-leading physical and network security measures to ensure security and reliability for their customers.

In addition, the AWS servers that host Tricefy are medical-device compatible servers that ensure all compliancy components are met. Trice employs all of AWS best practices to further guarantee the safety of our platform and our customer's data.