About Tricefy & Release Notes

New stuff at Tricefy

May, 2021

Reporting templates are easier to make with linked Smart Groups:

 Templates - Creating and Modifying Smart Groups

Footers are now at the bottom of all finalized reports:

 Finalizing a Report

We are also MDR compliant

 Medical Device Regulation 

March, 2021

You can now organize your labels by creating label hierarchy. 

 Learn how to add parent labels and sub-labels

December, 2020

 You can now view labels as a column your Study List 

This label enhancement is just the beginning of our Label Redesign project. We have listened to your feedback and we are working to make labels easier to manage within multiple accounts, improve the usability of our label interface, and enhance filtering.

Trice Imaging wishes everyone a happy New Year and we look forward to Tricefying with you into 2021!  We have many exciting things on the horizon, including a new-and-improved version of Uplink, continued updates to our reporting feature, and video conferencing.

We are also working on achieving our HITRUST certification, the most stringent of security certificates available, so that we can continue to ensure the utmost safety of your data.

November, 2020

Our side panel got a makeover!  Check out the new stylish look:

 Side Panel video tutorial

 Side Panel help article

March, 2020

Export finalized reports to CSV:

 Export Bulk Reports

February, 2020

Did you know patients can opt-out of receiving Tricefy text messages by replying "STOP"?  Let your patients know to reply "START" to receive links for future exams via text.

 See who opts out using the SMS Opt-Out Log

January, 2020

Tricefy unveils their new adaptive reporting solution!  

 See the three-step workflow

Account Administrators can customize templates to fit their individual needs. Learn more at http://www.tricefy.help/help/reportadmin

October, 2019

The mobile Tricefy App offers additional branding options, such as linking to your website and contact options.

 Learn to customize the mobile app for your patients

March, 2019

Your patients can now share their images faster and easier using the new iOS app (iPhones only)

June, 2018

We've  released the following enhancements to further optimize your Tricefy experience:

  • Our policies, procedures, and technical controls were updated to ensure compliancy with the GDRP.  We also updated our Business Agreement (contract) and Data Processing Agreement.  Your account administrator was prompted to accept these agreements; you can view them by selecting Business Agreements within your Account Settings.

 Learn more about GDPR

  • We added two new automation rules:

 Apply Custom Label: You can now automatically apply custom labels to your images

 Create Study PDF: You can now automatically generate a PDF of your studies

  • We modified the default column headers on the study list based on customer feedback. These default settings are now Patient Full Name, Patient ID, Patient DOB, Study Date, Study Details, Sonographers, and Performing Physician.

 Modify your study list column headers based on your clinic's individualized needs 

  • Return to the default settings by selecting the Reset Settings button in your Profile Settings

February, 2018

Tricefy got a makeover! We made some adjustments to the way things look so that its a little more user friendly:

 Send to menu: Select an option to send exams to patients, doctors, or external servers (PACS)

 Action menu: Select an option to download, delete, attach files or edit an exam

Let us know what you think about our new look by sharing your thoughts in the feedback box at the bottom of the screen.

January, 2018

November 17th, 2017

We have released Uplink 3.0, which to the normal eye, looks exactly the same. But, there has been improvement to the magic behind the scenes. DICOM files are now optimized before sent to Tricefy to reduce file sizes. This means that:

  • If your clinic has a lot of studies, the smaller file sizes will reduce any likelihood of additional costs
  • If your clinic average study size is large, speed and  performance will increase greatly
  • If your clinic has less-than-ideal internet speeds, files will upload and become available much quicker

If you prefer to keep your files unprocessed, that is not a problem,  simply let us know.

To upgrade your Uplink, download and install the 3.0 version on the same computer that has Uplink 2.0 installed right now.  You can download the new Uplink within your Account Settings or at  https://downloads.tricefy.com/tricefy_uplink/trice4.exe.

Visit http://www.tricefy.help/help/uplink for installation instructions. 

August 3rd, 2017

  • Improved advance searching and filtering
    • Simply click the  icon at the top of the screen and choose from the filter categories in the gray box. Next, just check the filters to apply them.
  • Adjustable column widths
    • Hover your mouse on the line separating two columns and it will change into a double-sided arrow. Click and hold the mouse button to drag the columns wider or smaller:

About Tricefy & Release Notes

Release Notes

Tricefy publishes all production releases on our Status Page. This page also displays any service or DNS disruptions across the globe that may temporarily interfere with Tricefy's performance.

 Check out our Status Page at https://trice.statuscast.com/#!/.

NEW: You can also start referring to our non-technical "release notes" that only include the neat stuff we want you to be aware of, like new functionality, with links to relevant Help articles. 

 See what's going on at Tricefy


About Tricefy

Tricefy is Class One, FDA and CE certified medical device product. 

 Learn more at our About Page

Tricefy is intended to provide physicians with functionalities for receiving, transmitting, presenting, sharing, communicating, retrieving, and viewing medical images. 

Warranty Statement

Precautions for Use

Regulatory Identification Numbers:

Basic UDI-DI: 0860006627145W
FDA Registration #: 3009831823
GTIN: 00860006627102

Status Page

You can stay informed about what is happening with Tricefy by visiting our status page:


This page notifies you of what is released, known issues, and when issues are resolved.

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