Default and Strict Anonymization

Tricefy is a fast and easy way to share medical images with patients while ensuring the data remains secure and anonymous.

Before sharing an exam with a patient, Tricefy Uplink automatically removes identifiable patient information from images. This includes the patient's name, birthday, gender, and doctor. For additional security, clinics have the option to require a password for patients to view their images.

While all data stored in Tricefy is encrypted, Trice also offers Strict Anonymization. 

Strict anonymization removes all identifying information before uploading data to Tricefy. While most things, like patient address, weight, performing physician, study ID, procedure, etc. are completely removed, there are a few things that cannot be removed. These things are anonymized instead:

This means:

  • Every patient's ID will be 0000
  • Every patient's sex will be 0
  • Dates (exam date, birthdate, etc.) will only display the decade (1900, 2000)
  • All unique IDs will be newly generated without any traceability to an individual

This will make every examination in Tricefy non-distinguisable.

 See all the removed and anonymized data